bowels plural

  1. The deepest or innermost part.
    down in the bowels of the Earth
  2. The concept or quality that defines something at its very core.
    the project"s bowels
  3. The intestines.


6 letters in word "bowels": B E L O S W.

Anagrams of bowels:

Words found within bowels:

be bel below bels bes blew blow blows bo bole boles bos bow bowel bowes bowl bowls bows bowse el elbow els es lbw les lesbo lew lo lob lobe lobes lobs los lose low lowe lowes lows lowse ob obe obes obs oe oes ole oles os ose ow owe owes owl owls owse sel sew slew slob sloe slow so sob sol sole sow sowl sowle swob we web webs wels wo woe woes wos